ABCs of Art

Written by Joshua Lurie-Terrell on September 17, 2004

When Deborah Grumet‘s daughter Megan turned 1, mom decided to make a very special gift for her. She illustrated a poster of the alphabet where each letter was drawn or painted in the style of an artist whose name began with that letter — for example, the L is filled with Lichtenstein benday dots, four brightly-colored Ws represent Warhol, etc.

At the urging of her friend Greg Balet, who was at the time marketing chipsets for Intel, Deborah began to have the poster printed commercially. She and Greg went into business and sell their poster at various bookstores (mostly in Cambridge and Martha’s Vineyard) and via mail/Internet order.

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  1. Hrant says:

    Great idea.

    And I’ve recently fallen in love with the name Megan – but with the emphasis on the “a” – I’d spell it Megän (does that make sense?), or Megaan. It seems like a name from a time when a woman didn’t need a frilly name to be feminine.


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