BART Wayfinding: The Shotgun Technique

Written by Typographica on October 8, 2005

Bart-SignsIt’s time for BART to revamp its signage. San Francisco is the design epicenter of the West Coast, but its subway station labels are cringeworthy. The original hanging Univers placards are okay (despite the clumsy spacing), but you can’t always see them from the train interior. In a awkward attempt to compensate for this oversight they’ve slapped two disparate signs to the wall; one, caps from a bad cut of Futura; and, more recently, an inexplicable white Arial on gray. After a few months in Stockholm’s excellent system, experiencing the BART design was almost like a visit to the third world.

Update: In 2011–12, BART is phasing in new signage using Frutiger. It’s dull and nonspecific to the region (like most systems based on this overused typeface), but much more effective than before.