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Darden’s New Website Unloads Big Freight

Typographica  on August 7, 2005

Freight BigHoefler & Frere-Jones alum Joshua Darden has launched a new home for his personal design studio. Up front and center is Freight Big, a titling addition to his long-awaited super-family that was set free by GarageFonts in June. Even before its release, Freight (Text, Sans, and Micro) was billed as “an impressive array of related typefaces” and it’s certainly GarageFonts’ most mature production to date.

Unveiled along with the 100+pt-sized Freight Big is a variant for regular headline use: Freight Display. You can’t buy either of these delicate cuts yet, so we’ll be forced to linger and salivate once again. Also on display on the site is Darden’s interesting custom work for W Magazine and Meta Headline.

What’s next? Among other projects, Darden is working on completing his bubbly Omnes for the fledgling Village type collective.


  1. Nick Shinn says:

    I’m always amazed at how quickly, in the digital era, type designers go from being pups scratching out their first font to sparring with the old masters.

  2. Miss Tiffany says:

    I agree, Nick, it is amazing to see how fast the talented can get from Point A to Point B without seeing the starts and stops that are probably really there. Glad to see Joshua has a live site for us to browse. This is wonderful news!*

    *Unless you are her credit card, of course. Sheesh!

  3. Nick Shinn says:

    Come on, let’s get this freight rolling:


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