Font Sells Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sells Font

Written by Typographica on June 17, 2005

Oxtail font in ice cream adFor a type designer, the release of a font is a very heady moment. After hundreds of hours of work, carefully fine-tuning each curve and kern, he releases his baby into the wild, to be grabbed and used by graphic designers at any skill level. At that moment, he relinquishes all control of his creation. It will be stretched, squashed, beveled, mechanically obliqued, and adorned with ill-advised strokes, filters, and drop shadows. It will likely be used to advertise products or ideas the type designer deplores.

That’s why nothing can bring a type designer more joy, once his font is released, than to see it used well. Even more exciting is to see it used in ways he never expected.

I can imagine Stefan Hattenbach beaming with such joy last month when he saw his typeface on TV. With their delicious ads for Carte D’Or, McCann Erickson has made Stefan’s Oxtail the spokesfont for specialty ice cream. Concurrently, nothing could be a better promotion for the font itself. See one of the spots below — and more at Stefan’s foundry site, MAC Rhino.

Quicktime video — 3.3MB, 30 sec. — click on chocolatey image to play

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