House Gets a Blog

Written by Mark Simonson on October 5, 2005

How did I miss this? House Industries started a blog a couple of weeks ago called Show & Tell.

Mark Simonson of Saint Paul, Minnesota is a former art director and graphic designer who now makes his living designing typefaces — several of which are Typographica selections.


  1. Si says:

    If you can’t post comments or feedback is it really a blog?

  2. Let’s see:

    Yup. Nothing there to suggest comment posting is an essential element.

  3. Hrant says:

    One thing preventing feedback/commenting
    certainly does though is limit readership.


  4. Si says:

    Thanks Mark,

    You can’t argue with the wiki! But under that definition my news page would be classed as a blog. Not something I’d ever considered. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

    Cheers, Si

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