House Industries to Digitize and Sell Photo-Lettering Fonts

Written by Typographica on February 9, 2005

When House Industries purchased the Photo-Lettering archives two years ago, there was much speculation about what exactly they were going to do with the film font goldmine. Today the picture got a bit clearer. Stuart Sandler discovered the following news on Linotype’s program page for the Typotechnica 2005 conference:

Photo-Lettering: Back to the Future House Industries purchased what remained of the Photo-Lettering display type collection in 2003. They have since partnered with Dutch type master and visionary Erik van Blokland and prolific designer Christian Schwartz to revive the collection and create a new portal for vending the timeless classics as well as new creations. Rich Roat describes how the PLINC partnership will combine the timeless creativity of the original PLINC contributing artists with a modern technology to make some of the more unique elements of the collection available again.

Exciting stuff, indeed. It’s difficult to imagine a better team for this project than Schwartz (one of the most skilled drawers and type revivalists alive) and Van Blokland (a technical wizard whose developments have streamlined and advanced the digital type design process).

Update, Feb 21 — It appears Pat Broderick’s suspicions (see comments below) are correct. According to Ben Kiel (whose TypoTechnica report will be up tonight) House will implement Van Blockland’s LetterSetter application to sell customers PLINC headlines by the PDF.