Hurrah for Yay Hooray!

Written by Typographica on July 14, 2004

The new Yay Hooray! is really, really good. It is by far the smoovest, most customizable forum system I’ve seen. A nice plus: each member’s profile page offers the simplest way to create a personal blog, ever. The only thing YH needs now is an infusion of smart new participants — people like you. Therefore, I encourage all Typographica readers who have any interest in discussing general design issues, scrolling through tracts of innovative business cards, or mocking the marketing dept and bad logos to sign on.


  1. baskew says:

    It’s a virtual community of ultra awesomeness!

  2. Joshua James says:

    I think it’s really great your promoting the forum here. I really respect your website and I imagine the people visiting are relatively intelligent in their fields. I think the vibe on Yay Hooray is very silly most of the time now a days. And people roll with it, including myself. To be infused with new ‘talent’ and not just kids screwing around would make it really worth while.

  3. karl says:

    I feed typographica through my livejournal…goodness, and I’m a YH member, I have grown into liking the new design. cheers

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