New Fonts of Note

Written by Typographica on September 8, 2004

  • Cressida NF – a multilinear wonder by Nick Curtis.
  • Cigar Label and Campaign – by the Ringmaster of Antiquated Novelty: Dan X. Solo.
  • Ed Rogers – digitized by the originators of famous artist handwriting fonts: P22.
  • Neo Sans – the latest poster child for “clean and modern” and the best thing to come out of Agfa Monotype in quite some time.
  • Ballpark Script – packed with underline swashes and put to fine use in the Jul/Aug I.D. magazine. [CORRECTION: The I.D. script is not Ballpark but a similar font by Design Director Nico Schweizer.] One of many great nostalgia-soaked fonts at Letterhead, like Euphoria (but I admit that makes the cut due to The Dancing Cat).
  • Geetype and Houschka – actually not new, but probably new to most Yanks as Nick Cooke’s stuff was previously only available from UK-based Fontworks. I used Geetype in the (outdated) rollover maps at my other place.
  • Metron – František Štorm revives a disappearing Czech transit face. Thanks Rolf.
  • FF Legato – a sans for text that changes many of the rules defining character shapes and legibility. Read up and witness history!