Suffering from Typophile Withdrawal?

Written by Typographica on October 5, 2005

Typophile FixI’ve spoken with the kind (but overworked) proprietors of Typophile and they confirm that they are indeed aware the site is currently sputtering “fatal errors”. They are on it. Sit tight, and feel free to use the comment space below. Satiate your itch to yap about font identification, OpenType proliferation, and kern pair creation. Yeah, we’re addict enablers.

Update 10/6: It’s back up.


  1. Norbert Florendo says:

    Goudy be praised!

    I was starting to get the shakes.

  2. Hrant says:

    I am indeed willing to donate blood,
    if it would speed the recovery…


  3. Thanks for the heartfelt note Stephen. This is painful to watch our baby in fits and spurts. We’ve confirmed that the cause of the problem is that our disk quota is full (too many messages, too much email, etc.!) — which means upgrading to more space. We have a path to a fix (pun intended) and it should be up by tomorrow AM.

  4. … the problem is that our disk quota is full …

    It is wholly appropriate that any Typophile outage is due to an oversupply of information.

  5. Gerald Lange says:

    I realize this will outrage the loyalists, who are grateful that Typophile even opens on occasion, but what exactly was the point of the beta? A wiki and a news stream as far as I can tell. And they don’t actually function. I kind of liked the old Typophile. I liked the resources and the interactive nature of it. Sorry fans, but Typophile is beginning to remind me of that folk story, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  6. paul hunt says:

    in regards to typophile, i’ve found that good things come to those who wait… and wait… and wait…
    sure the beta is a bit buggy and not all the same features are available as they once were, but i think i can see what the Typophile creators are shooting for and i think that once everything is in place, the new typophile will be 10X better than the old typophile.
    One thing that I miss, that I know the guys are working on, is the presence of inline images. I was looking at some old threads the other day and began pining for the days of threads packed full of great educational imagery. Hopefully this feature in particular will be making a speedy comback.


  7. Dav, formlos says:

    Well, It seems its about to go down, again.. :)
    ( No more ‘Access denied’ for me today.. Thanks.. )

  8. Eben Sorkin says:

    Paul, Your too right!

  9. Dan Weaveer says:

    Typophile is down again. I miss Chris and Norberts humor

  10. Norbert Florendo says:


    you miss us so much that you can’t even spell your name right!

  11. It’s back up again. (Knock on wood.)

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