Typographic Caterpillars

Written by matthew bardram on March 21, 2004

Commas eat elms, hops, and nettles? Question marks like hackberries too. Any other hungry punctation out there?


  1. Gary Robbins says:

    The punctuation is much more evident in the butterflies of these species.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Talking about suspense dots… ;)

  3. Matthew says:

    Suspense dots? It may be my ignorance in the subject talking, but would you mind filling me in.

  4. victor says:

    Miguel is referring (I think) to the ellipsis. In Spanish, they are called suspensive dots (more or less)

  5. Matthew says:

    multiple matthews manifested mayhem. mais….. enough m’s… check sunday morning, have been dealing with things i cannot even post.

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