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Written by Typographica on September¬†17,¬†2004

It’s a ’70s—’80s Cooper Black frenzy at the Shop Odd t-shirt shop. I’m a proud owner of Folk it up!, purchased elsewhere years ago.

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  1. jlt says:

    I bent my peso!

  2. Carlo says:

    Urr, not to offend the ops’ delicate sensibilities, but these tees are butt-ugly!

  3. shelley says:

    ‘giant artichoke’ is calling me
    but the lettering on ‘stud muffin’ is first-rate. . . .

  4. There’s a game I play with catalogues (usually trashy ones, like when I’m on an airplane) that I call, “If I had to have …” The game being that out of a sorry lot of merchandise, (I usually play it page by page) if you HAD to have an item (which you must wear or use or display in your home), which would it be? I played that game with these Ts and made it all the way to the last T in the bargain bin before I found it … “Land Yacht.”

  5. trickypup says:

    Oh, there’s many here that I could wear proudly. I’m mean, c’mon, I’m still in art school! The birthplace of epic, weird t-shirts!

    “Don’t eat me, I love you.” *sigh* That’s pure gold, little pizza slice. Or the Italian Stallion, that has so much ironic value I could almost part with 17 bucks USD.

  6. marc oxborrow says:

    The age of the ironic t-shirt is over. Now that “authentically ironic” (is that an oxymoron?) shirts are indistinguishable from their mass-produced cousins from big retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and Old Navy, what’s the point?

  7. Fredrik Andersson says:

    You think I donít understand art. You think I donít understand fashion. You think Iím not hip. You think Iím pathetic. A nerd. A lard-ass fatso. You think Iím shit. Well, youíre wrong. íCause Iím champagne. And youíre shit! And till the day you die…you…not me…will ALWAYS be shit.

    Erm, the Jon Lovitz t-shirt, please.


  8. Zara says:

    Stop Potato Violence! Gnome Sorcery Federation! Cause I’m the Counselor!!!!
    Oh boy, cute t-shirt overload! Almost as good as the Villians t-shirt shop on Upper Haight!

  9. Miss Tiffany says:

    Have to agree with Shelley, I have a lotta love for ‘stud muffin’ and the ‘pretzel t’ is adorable. I’ll have to think twice before I bite into a pretzel.

  10. Down10 says:

    Those are good for a laugh, but it’s pointless to buy these shirts now, as just *anyone* can find them. The appeal of vintage shirts is not just their simpler designs but thier relative rarity. What’s so special about a shirt that you can get at any Urban Outfitters?

    And how come they don’t have the seminal ’70s classic “Bull Shirt”?

  11. They’re ugly hip, but not in a good way.

  12. Hrant says:

    You can only get really hip t-shirts from the third world now.


  13. Hrant, there are probably many Typographica readers who wish you’d go live there :)

  14. Hrant says:

    But which specific country to choose? C’est vraiment l’embaras du choix! I guess one that’s as far down as possible on the list of eventual Western imperial targets.


  15. trickypup says:

    Well, I think it would be quite funny to buy a shirt like that from Urban Outfitters. And then wear it! Knowing it’s a completely constructed, faux-ironic statement meant to appeal to all of us that live in the mass market world of alternative culture. It would be like, all meta-ironic and shit.

  16. Hrant says:

    Hey, I have this cool “CCCP” collared shirt, a replica of the Soviet water polo team’s shirt – but yeah, it’s from Urban Outfitters. :-/ But at least I admit it to anybody who asks where I got it.


  17. Dan Reynolds says:

    Hrant, I have that same shirtÖ

  18. Hrant says:

    If you wear yours to Beirut, I will too.


  19. kai bernau says:

    Direct your browser here for more, and even nicer, shirts.
    Now with 20% Cooper Black, too.


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