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May 13, 2014 Workshoppers get to play with, from top: Van de Velde, a renaissance manuscript, Bodoni, Johnston, and Leach, among others.

A San Francisco Type Design Workshop with Sumner Stone

Stephen Coles
Jan 21, 2014 MelbNYCTheHague

Undergrad, Cooper, KABK — One Student’s Road to Learning Type Design

Troy Leinster
Oct 15, 2013 Most of the world uses writing systems other than Latin.

Going Global: The Last Decade in Multi-Script Type Design

Gerry Leonidas
May 27, 2013 Sketching type

Sketching Out of My Comfort Zone: A Type Design Experiment

Nina Stössinger
Nov 18, 2012

Typography and Type Design 101: Reading Lists

Stephen Coles
Mar 20, 2011 Frank, Stephen, Tiffany, Jason talk about choosing and using fonts.

Cure for the Common Font: A Web Designer’s Intro to Type Selection

Stephen Coles
May 4, 2005

An Introduction to RoboFab

Ben Kiel
Nov 21, 2004

In Defense of Regionalism: Typography Education Beyond KABK & Reading

Dan Reynolds