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Typeface Review

Other Notable Font Releases of 2013

Reviewed by Stephen Coles on March 11, 2014

The typefaces below are among the thou­sands of 2013 releases that didn’t make this year’s list. In contrast to previous annuals, this group of “honorable mentions” is a smaller one. Think of it as a sort of “editor’s picks”. These are the typefaces that I personally felt were worthy of selection — they just didn’t happen to be among our writers’ favorites.


Equip  Dieter Hofrichter, hoftype
NewParis  Swiss Typefaces
ALS Schlange  Olga Umpeleva, Art. Levedev Studio
Trivia Gothic, Humanist  František Štorm, Storm


Analog  Travis Kochel and Savannah Julian, Scribbletone
Azo Sans, Uber  Rui Abreu, R-Typography
Bulo Rounded   Jordi Embodas & Noe Blanco, Tipografies
CamingoMono, CamingoCode  Jan Fromm, Jan Fromm
Courier Prime  Quote-Unquote Apps
Directors Gothic  Lettering Inc
Doctrine  Abbott, Barnbrook, Moncada, Virus
Fervent  James Montalbano, Terminal Design
Geometria  Bagdasaryan, Kirilenko, Brownfox
Josef Sans  František Štorm, Storm
FF Mark  Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin, FontFont
Metro Nova  Omagari, Dwiggins, Linotype
Mikado  Hannes von Döhren, HvD Fonts
Pétala  Marconi Lima, TypeFolio
Polia  Hubert Jocham, Hubert Jocham
GT Pressura  Moiré, Grilli Type
Progressiva  Ricardo Esteves Gomes, Outras Fontes
Qubo  Dieter Hofrichter, hoftype
Rolls  Georg Salden, TypeManufactur


Hermecito/Renzo  Ari Rafaeli, ARTypes
Latin 512  James Montalbano, Terminal Design
Preto Serif  Ján Filípek, DizajnDesign
Rekja  Anton Studer, Nouvelle Noire
Streets of London  Robert Strauch, Lazydogs
Trola  Jordi Embodas, Tipografies


FF Kievit Slab  Michael Abbink, Paul van der Laan, FontFont
Liebe Ruth  Ulrike Wilhelm, LiebeFonts
FF Marselis Slab  Jan Maack, FontFont
Mayonez  Sergio Ramírez, Sardiez
Mislab  Xavier Dupré, Typofonderie
Neuvos  Jarno Lukkarila, Typolar
Tribunal  Aljaž Vindiš, Typotheque


Badinage  James Montalbano, Terminal Design
Bellissima Script  Alejandro Paul, Sudtipos
Grafolita  Rui Abreu, R-Typography
Harlean  Laura Worthington, Laura Worthington
Medusa  Ramiro Espinoza, ReType
Mocha Script  Charles Borges de Oliveira, Borges Lettering Design
MonsterHand  Giuseppe Salerno & Paco González, Resistenza
Savanna Script  Richard Lipton, The Font Bureau
Shameless  Neil Summerour, Positype
Scripto  Franck Jalleau, BAT
String  Maximiliano Sproviero, Lián Types
Supernova  Martina Flor, Typotheque


Alverata  Gerard Unger, Type Together
Backstein  Christian Thalmann, Catharsis Fonts
Calavera  Oscar Yáñez, Cocijotype
Caligo  Aron Jancso, Gestalten
Chapitre  Jonathan Perez, typographies
Coryn Galaxy Didot  C.E. Coryn, Tânia Raposo, PLINC
Glue / Grist  Gareth Hague, Alias
Gryffensee  Christian Thalmann, Catharsis Fonts
Landmark  Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Minot  Jessica Hische
Noah  Gareth Hague, Alias
Octant  Christian Thalmann, Catharsis Fonts
Ogg  Lucas Sharp, Incubator (Village)
Oro y Plata  Kristians Šics, Lamatas un slazdi
Oskar  Paul van der Laan, Bold Monday
Poster  Iñigo Jerez, Type-Ø-Tones
Prism  Sascha Timplan, Stereotypes
Px Grotesk  Nicolas Eigenheer, Optimo
Sélavy  Nina Stössinger, Nina Stössinger
Superior Title  Jeremy Mickel, MCKL
State  Rian Hughes, Device
JHA Zucker  Jan-Henrik Arnold, Jan-Henrik Arnold

The Notable Releases asterisk is from Audree.


  1. Kai Rentola says:

    One silly mistake there: Nuevos Jarno Lukkarila, Typolar
    The name of the font should be NEUVOS which refers Councilor in Finnish language.

  2. Thanks, Kai! Amended.

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