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Other Notable Font Releases of 2015

Reviewed by Stephen Coles on May 9, 2016

The typefaces listed here are among the thousands of 2015 releases that didn’t make this year’s Favorites. Think of this collection as a sort of “editor’s picks”. These are the typefaces that I personally felt were worthy of selection — they just didn’t happen to be among the writers’ favorites.

Despite the ever-increasing flow of new releases, this list gets shorter each year as I try to highlight only the most exemplary and original designs. There were dozens of other useful, well-made fonts that came out in 2015; this is just one personal view of the most interesting work.


Fip Rob Keller
McClatchy Christian Schwartz, Miguel Reyes, Greg Gazdowicz
Messina Luzi Gantenbein
FF Real Erik Spiekermann, Ralph du Carrois


Capo Gareth Hague
Contemporary Sans Ludwig Übele [MF]
Granville Jean‑Baptiste Levée
TP Hero Miles Newlyn
Macho (Dada Studio) Michał Jarociński
Menoe Grotesque Adam Katyi
Objektiv Bruno Mello [FS] [MF]
Scandia, Scandia Line Eric Olson
Termina Mattox Shuler [FSP] [MF] [YWFT]
Usual Rui Abreu [FSP] [FS] [MF]


Brenta Ludwig Übele [MF]
Danton Dieter Hofrichter
Enigma 2 (revision/expansion) Jeremy Tankard
Marcia Victoria Rushton
Marco Toshi Omagari [MF]
LCT Sbire Quentin J. Stavinsky [MF]
Tasman Dan Milne
Zenon Riccardo Olocco [MF]


Clarendon Graphic François Rappo
untitled for Playboy Jackson Cavanaugh


Amarissima Bruno Sellés [MF]
Ballpoint Drew Melton
FF Eggo Łukasz Dziedzic
Kitsuné Andrei Robu [YWFT]
Mela Resistenza
Paintlay Mika Melvas
Seventies Maximiliano Sproviero
Typnic Manuel Eduardo Corradine


Azote Thomas Jockin [MF]
Cinderblock Stefán Kjartansson [YWFT]
Couture Neil Summerour, Mary Catherine Pflug [MF]
Donki (expansion) Gunnar Link [MF]
Goodlife Hannes von Döhren [FSP] [MF]
Jules Dino dos Santos, Pedro Leal [MF]
Mastadoni Dave Rowland
untitled for New York magazine Greg Gazdowicz
Pakati Kris Sowersby
Mr Palkerson, Mr Palker Yuri Gordon
Proza Display Jasper de Waard [FSP] [MF]
Roster Matthew Carter, Jesse Ragan
Saffran Erasmo Ciufo, Alessio D’Ellena [MF]
Smoosh for WIRED Tal Leming
TCF Zellige Pedro Leal [MF]
112 hours Rian Hughes [MF]


Suggested by Non-Latin experts contributing to this year’s Favorites.

Adelle Armenian José Scaglione, Veronika Burian (w/ Hrant Papazian)
Adobe Bengali Neelakash Kshetrimayum [FSP]
Adobe Kannada Erin McLaughlin (w/ Fiona Ross) [FSP]
29LT Kaff Pascal Zoghbi
Literata Greek and Cyrillic Irene Vlachou (w/ Gerry Leonidas), Vera Evstafieva (w/ Kiril Zlatkov)
Marco Greek Toshi Omagari [MF]
Murty John Hudson and Fiona Ross

The Notable Releases asterisk is from Clarendon Graphik.

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