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Reviewed by Marian Bantjes on March 19, 2015

I have a weakness for big brushy strokes, and an additional weakness for artificially induced angularity. Bouquet has both in symbiotic juxtaposition.

There are some truly sexy letterforms here, including an alternate written lowercase ‘r’ that flows vertically like a waterfall, and an unusual lowercase ‘w’ that emulates a form found in antique German handwriting. The swashbuckling angularity gives the individual letterforms a jaunty feel, but when set as text, the flow takes over, giving words and phrases a confident expression. With full multilingual support plus Cyrillic, this is a typeface for broader use than restaurant logos. I’d like to see it used as text by someone adventurous with a good eye.

Marian Bantjes is a designer, typographer, writer and illustrator working internationally from her base on a small island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver.


  1. Zara Vasquez-Evens says:

    I am constantly looking for places to use Bouquet, it is dead-sexy. Marian, I’d love to take up your challenge of using it for text. :)

  2. Alex says:

    Please, please, please, give the stroke in letters Ł (U+0141) and ł (U+0142) much more prominence, especially in scripts! It always breaks my heart a little when a beautiful font — and Bouquet evidently is beautiful — makes these Polish glyphs appear too feeble.

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