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Calgary Script

Reviewed by Cameron Moll on April 7, 2009

With shame I admit the work of Alejandro Paul is a recent discovery, but without regret I confess I’m a total fanboy now.

Clearly, the ability to master a script palette that stretches from Burgues Script to Candy Script and seemingly every style in between begets one very talented type designer.

Inspired by the Americana-style lettering on a welcome sign in the terminal at Calgary International Airport, Calgary Script is one of Alejandro’s most recent demonstrations of superb typographic talent. Its retro letterforms flow with elegance, yet retain plenty of playful exuberance. Full of OpenType features that include adequate alternates and ligatures, don’t be surprised to find yourself exploring phrases reminiscent of market signage and decades gone by, such as “Rocket Car” and “Huevos Rancheros” — preferably the latter, as the alternate s at the end of a phrase is by far one of my favorite characters.

I’ve never visited, but if Calgary Script is a precursor to the beauty that lies within Calgary … O Canada!

Cameron Moll is a designer, author, speaker, and founder of Authentic Jobs. He has appeared in HOW, Print, Communication Arts, Forrester Research publications, National Public Radio (NPR), and .net magazine.


  1. Ale Paul says:

    Thanks Cameron!

  2. Martin says:

    Cameron, the doors to Canada are always open. If you want some spectacular sites – if you go the Calgary way, make sure you continue west into the Rockies and take the Jasper Pass. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe what you will see.

    Other places of note: Ottawa in summer, Quebec City in the fall, the East coast – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Nfld.

    Huevos Ranchero’s indeed. And if your looking for a font that’s great for general use that was made by Canada, you can always look up Pigiarniq.

    As per this font itself, it looks mighty fine. I’m quite impressed with the readability of it – I generally balk at script fonts, but this one looks pretty enticing.

  3. flavio rucci says:

    Argentinian pride!! Great work of one of the most talented designer of south america.

    Congratz Alejandro!

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