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Reviewed by Dyana Weissman on April 7, 2009

Lakeside is the perfect marriage of design to name, and that is the least of its great qualities.

It’s ambitious. Making a connecting script is not the easiest thing, let alone with so many options. Some people use ambitious as a euphemism for “falls short of its lofty goal”, but this typeface is successful at accomplishing exactly what it intends. It’s relaxed, yet elegant. Looking at it, I am transported back to this past summer, hiking to a secluded spot on the banks of Walden Pond. It’s the kind of typeface a discerning designer would buy first, and then let the right project come to them. Like they were watching a wave hit the shore of a lake on a beautiful day.

Dyana Weissman is a typeface designer at Font Bureau. She has been a presenter at ATypI, TypeCon, and Type Camp, but also enjoys sharing her expertise locally with college students, wizard rock bands, and astrophysicists.


  1. Dan Lidral-Porter says:

    Why is the quotation mark a belt? It should be a hat, not a belt.

  2. I think the placement of the quotation mark is appropriate given the x-height of the typeface. Quotes at cap height would feel far too high in relation to the word or phrase as a whole.

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