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Vista Slab specimen
Typeface Review

Vista Slab

Reviewed by Jean François Porchez on April 16, 2009

I discovered Xavier Dupré’s work ten years ago, and design after design I’m surprised by his ability to mix typographic tradition, writing influence, and contemporary interpretation.

Xavier fonts follow his own unique and personal direction. Vista Slab reminds me a bit ITC Officina Serif. The details from its Vista Slab’s preceding Sans are present, like the incredible top of the lowercase ‘a’ that a normal typeface designer would never do, specially someone with his background. Vista Slab works pretty well at text sizes, invisible as necessary, and demonstrates all its details in very large sizes, but never too present and disturbing.

Founder of Typofonderie and type director at ZeCraft, Jean François Porchez’s expertise covers the design of bespoke typefaces and logotypes as well as typographic consulting. He served as ATypI President from 2004–2007.


  1. Ryan says:

    ‘Auroville’ is beautiful. I could slaver all day..

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