A New Nameplate Tradition

Written by Typographica on April 19, 2009

One of the Typographica rituals of which we’re most fond is the rotating nameplate, active from 2002–2007. Each design was created and submitted by a reader, reflecting the site’s collaborative nature and keeping things fresh, while offering type and graphic designers the opportunity to show off their latest work. We’ve saved 152 of those 154 nameplates for posterity. The other two? Their fate is known only to Dr. Hermann Pütershein.

an animated GIF of 11 Typographica nameplates

With the 2009 Typographica redesign we began a new nameplate tradition. The site is all about the type, so there’s no better element to crown the page (and drive the main navigation) than a fresh typeface every few weeks.

Anyone is welcome to submit their typeface for consideration as a future Typographica nameplate. There are two requirements:

  1. The typeface must fit Typographica’s ethereal and undocumented requirements for design and readability.
  2. We’ll request a sponsorship fee to keep the site running

The nameplate typeface is credited in the header and footer of every page on the site and linked permanently in the list below. Please contact the editor if interested.

Nameplate Archive

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