A Nice Sunday Diversion: Tracking Xavier Dupré

Written by Yves Peters on May 14, 2005

Hot on the heels of the Font Bureau release Zingha comes Vista Sans, another new typeface by up-and-coming French type designer Xavier Dupré, released through Emigre. As I reviewed his Zingha for my Bald Condensed column less than a month ago and there are so many other type designers I still have to cover, I decided to follow up on Stephen’s three-year-old entry and do a chronological round-up of Xavier’s output.

Creation dates are between square brackets.

The ATypI 98 publication “Lettres françaises” features “Humanix”, one of his unreleased projects. Other unreleased typefaces are two khmer fonts, commissioned in 2003 and 2004 by NGOs in Cambodia.

The score: 4 years, 4 foundries. Keep an eye on that man.

Yves Peters is a graphic designer / rock drummer / father of three who tries to be critical about typography without coming across as a snob. Previously a columnist for Typographer.org and editor-in-chief of The FontFeed, he currently divides his time between teaching at the Communication, Media and Design department of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, and publishing at Adobe Create and writing for a variety of type foundries, weaving pop culture and design trends into foundational typographic stories. His ability to identify most typefaces on sight is utterly useless in daily life.


  1. Good call, Yves. I was just thinking that Xavier and Christian — both young designers with works in several foundries — have followed a similar path.

    I also congratulate you on posting Typographica’s 1000th article.

  2. Troubleman says:

    Does this mean I get a prize like on MyFonts? :)

  3. Fredrik Andersson says:

    Would a group hug be inappropriate?

  4. Not at all.

  5. I don’t like so much Vista Sans, but Absara is very nice, and Zingha is wonderful, although maybe its Italic has too much character for regular book textsetting. A new serif with the balance of Vista would be amazing.

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