Coming Soon: Beorcana

Written by Typographica on September 20, 2006

Beorcana font by Carl Crossgrove

Even if you don’t know the name Carl Crossgrove, it’s likely you are familiar with his work, which includes Reliq, Origami, and my underrated favorite Mundo Sans. He was also part of the team responsible for the very popular Adobe Wood Type series.

Beorcana is Crossgrove’s best and most complete design yet. I can declare from personal experience that it is beautifully drawn and sets very well, small or large, thanks to three optical size masters. It will be a hit with fans of calligraphic sans serifs like Optima, or those, like me, who appreciate Optima but have simply seen too much or don’t find it very versatile.

Over 14 years in the making, (Carl drew his first sketches while an intern at Adobe in ’92), Beorcana will be available exclusively from in late October.

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