Fontographer for OS X

Written by Tom Dolan on November 30, 2005

Believe it or not, Fontographer, the old Macromedia warhorse has been “updated” and Fontlab is announcing Fontographer 4.7 for Mac OS X. The first update to Fontographer in nine years, the new version includes: native support for OS X, Euro character support, updated encodings, and cut-and-paste compatibility with the latest versions of Illustrator and Freehand.

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  1. dylan Menges says:

    Um… Wow.

  2. Gerald Lange says:

    This is great news. Too bad it has no OT capabilities though. Hope the reason for that is not marketing strategy.


  3. Hrant says:

    How long will the $100 upgrare offer from 4 be going?


  4. paul hunt says:

    Hope the reason for that is not marketing strategy.

    i’m sure that’s exactly what it is. if i understand correctly, FontLab is trying to produce a range of tools for font making, from TypeTool for the hobyist to Studio5 for Professional Fountries and Type designers. I believe they mean for Fontographer to be the midrage tool and I doubt they will add OT capabilities to it. To read FontLab’s own statements on the matter, read The original Press Release.

  5. FontLab totally gets its customers.

    I’m a prime example of a Fog-level designer. Yes, I completely understand the feature set and acknowledge the power of Flab Studio, but it’s overkill (and quite frankly it gives me migraines) for 98% of the work I need to do. Emphasis on the phrase need to do. Flab gets in the way more than it helps me accomplish most of my tasks – especially generating PC files.

    Fog ain’t dead. Long live Fog.

  6. I think you guys should install a ‘captcha’ plugin for MT… to avoid all these spam-comments. There is one here.

  7. MR says:

    I just want to give a shout-out to Der FontMeister. Congratulations, Jim!

  8. It’s a good idea, Eduardo. Unfortunately it would take a long time for a guy like me with no web serv skills to install it. Anyone want to volunteer a few minutes?

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