Linotype’s Arabic Type Design Competition

Written by Dan Reynolds on May 23, 2005

Since 1911, the Linotype brand has produced typefaces for both the Arabic language and the Arab world. During these past 90 years, global typography has undergone a wave of technological changes. OpenType — the most recent evolution — has drastically lowered the barriers for individual designers who wish to produce fonts for complex script systems.

Type designers and calligraphers the world over are invited to participate in the Linotype Library’s first Arabic Type Design Competition. Entries fitting into any of the following three categories may be submitted: text faces, display faces, and calligraphic designs (calligraphic entries need not necessarily be digitized in order to be submitted). The deadline is October 31, 2005.

Similar to Linotype’s previous design competitions, all entries will be reviewed by an independent jury, who will select the winners. The jury includes Samir Sayegh (Lebanon), Fiona Ross (UK), Mamoun Sakkal (Syria/USA), Kris Holmes (USA), Huda Abi Fares Smitshuijzen (Lebanon/Netherlands), and honorary guest member Hermann Zapf (Germany).

Prizes and licensing agreements are available for the winners. The contest’s sponsors include Winsoft S.A., and the UAE-based calligraphy magazine, Hurouf Arabia.

Questions may also be addressed by E-mail.

Dan Reynolds is a failed spirit, living in Berlin, but at least he finally has a dog. Occasionally, he designs typefaces (even one or two good ones), but he more often writes minor copy for typefoundries and font-retail websites. In 2015, he finally started working on the dissertation he planned in 2011; it is due in Spring 2018. Wish him luck! He really needs it.

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