New Additions at Enschedé

Written by John Butler on March 9, 2004

The Enschedé Font Foundry updates its site, with new 600dpi PDF specimens and the new headline companion to Bram de Does’ Lexicon. This adds one new roman and one new italic weight to the text series’ twenty-four roman and italic weights.


  1. Hrant says:

    Interesting tactic on the 600dpi bitmap specimens. But I don’t get “It is not representative for the quality of printing which will be achieved when using a 600 dpi laserprinter or better.”, at least not for 600. Why not?


  2. John Butler says:

    That one stumped me too. Maybe a subtle language barrier somewhere. All I know is the fonts is damn fine.

  3. Jacques Le Bailly says:

    These PDF files contain 600 dpi bitmap images and…

    They just accentuaded the fact, that a Bitmap image at 600 DPI will not give you the same results as a print using Postscript at 600 DPI.


  4. Hrant says:

    And why not? If they used a good screen-Postscript rendered the results should be identical.


  5. I was under the impression that 600 dpi was 600 dpi, and a bitmap image rendered succesfully for the size/resolution from vector information would look the same.

  6. Jacques Le Bailly says:

    Indeed, a rendered image image should be the same. But this is not always the case. The results depend on which driver or programm you use.

    My colleague (I work for TEFF) added the remark, because the sample pages are good enough to give you an impression of how the typefaces look like, but they will never be 100 % indentical to the results you get by using the original fonts.


  7. Hrant says:

    If you use Photoshop for example to render, then you’re right. But if you use a real screen-Postscript renderer, then the bitmap will be identical. I’m not saying it’s worth the trouble though.

    Hey, what do you do at TEFF?


  8. Jacques Le Bailly says:

    Only few people know, that TEFF is actually designing a lot of high quality typography. Most of the typography we do are dictionaries, bibles and similar. In the recent past TEFF has had several book design awards.

    I work as a typeface designer for TEFF. Most of what I do is to support my colleagues, who design the books. This can be the creation, modification, or alteration of typefaces, which are needed for the typographical designs. And I work for foundry projects as well.


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