Ray Fenwick Scrawls a New Home

Written by Typographica on July 28, 2006

Ray Fenwick“Now you must excuse me, as after all that work I am incredibly sick of myself.”

In typical self-depricating fashion, Ray Fenwick closes the email announcement of his new website. He may be sick of himself, but the many Fenwick followers on Flickr sure aren’t. We eat up his serifed handlettering, victorian ornamentation, and absurdist humor like champagne-soaked oysters.

With the new site, Ray has a pretty frame in which to show off his main venture Hall of Best Knowledge (a weekly comic described as “the works of Chaucer projected on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel”) as well as other work, including screenprinted posters and freelance illustration.

Make some noise for Mr. Fenwick — he’s about to hit it big.

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