See Six Masters of Type Design In One Sitting

Written by Dyana Weissman on September 20, 2004

David Matt of Men’s Journal conducts a panel discussion with some of today’s leading type designers: Andy Cruz, Jim Parkinson, Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones, David Berlow, and Matthew Carter. The Society of Publication Designers event is Thursday, October 7, in NYC.

Dyana Weissman is a typeface designer at Font Bureau. She has been a presenter at ATypI, TypeCon, and Type Camp. When not making fonts, she is hiking somewhere in the world and sharing her adventures.


  1. Kristin says:

    Sure would be cool if somebody taped this (audio or video)!

  2. Hrant says:

    Yeah, we have to end up with some audio archive of this, guerilla or otherwise.

  3. hildebrant says:

    We really do need to have audi transcripts — or even video — of these type (no pun intended) of things. For those of us stuck in our offices.

  4. Armin says:


    … this is why I moved to NY.

  5. Hrant says:

    So Armin, you’re sitting in the front row with a hidden recorder, right?


  6. Armin says:

    I’m going full on: Bringing my camcorder and querying all panelists on what animal they think their typefaces represent. (Even if Hoefler doesn’t think it’s such a good idea).

  7. Jesus says:

    That’s the next step for Typographica (or SpeakUp,) streaming video!!

  8. Hrant says:

    The animals thing was genial – one of the highlights of the entire TypeCon conference for me.

    Armin (or anybody), a question: so should I be reading DesignObserver? How much specific type talk does it typically get?


  9. Armin says:

    Oh… right. So, that little movie thing I had posted on Design Observer was part of a larger presentation I did at TypeCon. I asked three questions to each participant, after showing them a pangram set in a certain typeface:

    1. What is your initial reaction?
    2. If it were used on a book cover, what would the book be about?
    3. Does it make you think of any animals?

    I guess my previous snip above left a lot to the imagination… sorry about that.

  10. Armin says:

    > so should I be reading DesignObserver? How much specific type talk does it typically get?

    It rarely gets type-talk specific. It is much more broad discussions in regards to design. Even for graphic designers it is broad, as it touches on various topics. It’s certainly worth a read, at least the main entries… the comments, I think in general people don’t know how to “behave” so some comments are either tentative or trying too hard. But that’s only my opinion, of course.

  11. Hrant says:

    > trying too hard.

    Right, that’s one general impression I got, and from some of the main entries too, not just some of the comments. It’s almost like it wants to be thorough and “clinical” in a way that’s anti-internet, to some extent. I think every medium has its natural “tone”. But maybe it’s just me.


  12. Jordan says:

    I’m there. Bringing a few friends. And maybe Ed Benguiat.

  13. Armin says:

    Highlight of the night: seeing House Industries’ Ed Interlock in action. Damn that is one smart OpenType!

  14. Hrant says:

    You missed it at TypeCon? Yeah, it’s cool.

    BTW, so where’s the video?


  15. Jordan says:

    I agree… the Ed Interlock definitely got some jaw dropping. The big letdown of the night was that they were only giving away the free stuff at the end of the lecture, so anyone who stayed for the Question and Answer session got slim pickings.

  16. Ricardo says:

    Sorry to hear that, Jordan.

    They had quite a turnout. At one point David Matt mentioned that there were 300 people in the auditorium and they had to turn away 75 others at the door.

  17. Armin says:

    > You missed it at TypeCon?

    I did see the Ed Benguiat presentation. Here they opened InDesign and started typing, so you could see how Interlock reacted in real time – did they do this at TC too?

    > BTW, so where’s the video?

    Sorry, no video : (

  18. Hrant says:

    I don’t remember InDesign, but they did do some live typing.

    > no video



  19. Jordan says:

    Yeah, it was InDesign. And no, I have no video. I found out that a good chunk of those 75 people was my type class, taught by Paul Sahre and Peter Kaplan. They didn’t go away empty handed though: they all visited his studio and hung out there.

  20. Hrant says:

    Empty handed? That would be me. Not very gracious, people. But if/when you need me in a situation like this, you can still count on me.


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