Snow Type

Written by Zara Evens on October 25, 2004

Making snowmen and the occasional angel can be great fun, but have you ever made a snow letter? Test your typographic skills in a different medium at the largest winter festival Western Canada has to offer, Le Festival du Voyageur, featuring the Snow Type competition. Winning entries will receive airfare and accommodations for the five day event, taking place February 9-12, 2005 in Saint-Boniface, Canada.

Simply prepare a sketch or photograph a maquette of your ideas for a letter sculpture or an inscriptional block which can be worked in three days out of a twelve by twelve foot by ten foot high block of snow.

Post, fax or email your submission no later than November 5, 2004. (Hurry!)
Submit your entries to:

Snow Type
Festival du Voyaguer
768 Tache
Canada, R2H 2C4
fax: 204 233 7576

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  1. Favid Earls says:

    I take it we’re not talking yellow snow typography here, right?

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