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Written by Typographica on June 13, 2006

This is in Spanish When Your're Not LookingT26 has joined up with nettrendy shirt shop Threadless to use their fonts on a new set of “Type Tees”. Each torso wrap includes a handy link to the featured font. But what of the hundreds of other typographic Threadless shirts? To further demonstrate my identification psychosis, and in a shameless attempt to score some Street Team points (must have that Ray Fenwick!), I shall now attempt to identify some typefaces screen-printed on cotton.

Angels and Demons FontsAngels and Demons
by Justin Kay

Fonts: ITC Firenze (customized by Kay), ITC Serif Gothic
Alternatives: Pistilli Roman, Ambroise, HTF Didot, Annlie, Bodoni No 1, Bodoni No 2, Cabernet, Carousel, Caslon Graphique, Didoni, Falstaff, Firmin Didot, Normande, Poster Bodoni, Thorowgood, Sahara Bodoni
For similar hefty numerals, see Blueprint magazine.

So Lovely FontSo Lovely
by Sven Grothe

Font: MeMimas (Looks lovely with counters filled.)
Alts: Civility, Handsome, FF Schulschrift, Wendy

Alphabet Zoo FontsAlphabet Zoo
by Sara Lee

Font: House Showcard
Alts: Dom Casual, Dom Diagonal, Flash, Impress

Damn Scientists FontsDamn Scientists
by John Slabyk

Font: Arial Extra Bold
Alts: Akzidenz Grotesk, Basic Commercial, Helvetica Neue

Everyone Poops FontEveryone Poops
by Chris Lee Jones

Font: Helvetica Rounded
Alts: VAG Rounded, Bryant, Omnes

See Web 2.0 Fonts.

Rock HOWTO FontsRock HOWTO
by Kenny Liu

Font: ITC Edwardian Script (Whoops, Kenny should have employed the ‘fi’ ligature.)
Alts: Flemish Script, Polonaise, Young Baroque

Potassium Alkaline FontsPotassium Alkaline
by Ron Lewis

Font: Helvetica Bold Condensed
Alts: Brauer, Ketchupa

Scrabble FontWell, This Just Really Sucks
by Kevin Ryan

Font: ITC Franklin Gothic

So it looks like the official Scrabble® font is indeed Franklin Gothic, or some variation of it. I would have rounded the ends a bit.

Don't Shoot the Messenger FontDon’t Shoot the Messenger
by Blair Sayer

Font: dunno
Close: FF Blur, Mistic Art, Fur

Silent Film FontThe Sound of Silents
by Brian Kravitz

Font: Silentina Film (fattened a bit)
Alts: Cantoria, Meyer Two, Novella

Learn more about silent film intertitles at Typophile: here and here.

Tasty Table FontTasty Table
by Kenny Wheeler

Font: Rockwell
Alts: Beton, Calvert, Glypha, Memphis, Serifa, Stymie

Goatse FontGoatse
by Zeke Ragsdale

Font: Hand drawn, perhaps
Alts: Gothic Tuscan, 66 Rodeo

I Love NY FontHonest Tee
by Steven J Carter

Font: ITC American Typewriter uses Apex Serif and Georgia.

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