Typophile Relaunch Imminent

Written by Yves Peters on April 29, 2005

Typophile (typography’s discussion central) is on temporary hiatus in preparation of a relaunch on 05.05.05. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Joe on the dancefloor. Also, if you miss reading from Yves due to the Typophile outage, you can find his weekly Bald Condensed column at Typographer.org. The latest is a humdinger. — SC

Update, 05/05/05 at 5:55 pm — The new Typophile is live.

Yves Peters is a graphic designer / rock drummer / father of three who tries to be critical about typography without coming across as a snob. Previously a columnist for Typographer.org and editor-in-chief of The FontFeed, he currently divides his time between teaching at the Communication, Media and Design department of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, and publishing at Adobe Create and writing for a variety of type foundries, weaving pop culture and design trends into foundational typographic stories. His ability to identify most typefaces on sight is utterly useless in daily life.


  1. Ahh, good news it seems. Look forward to the revived Typophile.

  2. Troubleman says:

    Boy are we in for a treat! :) I’ve had the privilege to be allowed to play around with the beta of version 2.1 and help out a bit, and I can assure you: it rawks.

    Smooth moves, Joe!

  3. pablo honey says:

    does that mean you’re becoming the de fact typophile chat boards again? ;^) it was so much fun last time!

  4. Hildebrant says:

    Do we have an actual time (timezone) for the relaunch?

  5. Jared Benson says:

    We don’t have a specific time identified as of yet, but we are based in San Francisco, California. Watch your email box(es) for an automated message with your new password(s).

  6. inverse says:

    I”ll be glad to see the very useful and much loved forums get rid of it ‘post message’ problem ;)

  7. Dav, formlos says:

    Viva la Typophile 2.0.. ( But, I think I may miss all these double posts and post errors, somehow.. :)

  8. <font class=”Don’t look like crap”>Really?</font>

  9. <font class=”Don’t look like crap”>(Sorry–double post.)</font>

  10. <font class=”Don’t look like crap”><font class=”Don’t look like crap”>Oops!</font></font>

  11. Tom says:

    <HTML humour is SO 1990s>Now stop that</HTML humour is SO 1990s>

  12. I’m not making it up. There really were posts that contained that awful tag as part of the text.

    It was due to a work-around intended to improve the look of Typophile, but, if you went back and edited a post and were not careful to remove it, it would show up in your edited post. And a new one would be added each time you did it.

    Most people figured out how to keep it at bay, but it was a big nuisance. I will not miss that particular quirk.

  13. Jared Benson says:

    The whole thing was embarassing. This relaunch has been a long time coming. We’ll bid those bugs (and that terrible host) a hasty goodbye.

  14. David says:

    Will one be able to log on automatically then? I have to look up my password every time.

  15. mica says:


    If you had cookies on, you didn’t need to log in every time.

    Looking forward to the new stuff – it will give me something to do while I enjoy recovering from wisdom tooth extraction. New Typophile and percocet should be a nice combo.

  16. Christian removed 3 million tags today. No exaggeration.

  17. I hope he stretched properly before doing that. He could injure himself. There’s nothing worse than a separated value/attributes pair. Yikes!

  18. Dan Reynolds says:

    It is almost afternoon here in Central Europeďż˝ May 5th. I’m hoping that Typophile will relaunce before my bedtime???

  19. Troubleman says:

    Unless anything goes awry, launch is at noon PST, so I suppose that must be 09:00 / 10:00 pm in Ye Olde Worlde. Brace yourselves.

    I hope the whole thing doesn’t come to a crashing halt when everybody and their dog rushes to the newly unveiled site. :-/ Are there enough type nerds out there to make a server collapse?

  20. Dylan says:

    Oh, we’re out there, bubba. And we’re comin’ to a relaunch near you.

  21. franz says:

    I didn’t know that we were switching hosts.. So that’s why my @typophile.com mail address just stopped working five days ago. I’ve been using the address as my main address for a year or so, and it’s been very quiet in my inbox lately. :| Oh well, lesson learned!

  22. Its 12:30 over here now. :(

  23. Feet tapping…

    Hands shaking…

    Eyes twitching…

    What’s the equivalent of a methadone clinic for Typophile addicts?

  24. Jamie Gareth says:

    The excitement …
    the anticipation …
    the excitement…
    the agony …
    the letdown.


  25. Miss Tiffany says:

    I’d say you need to go play outside for a minute, Grant. ;^P

  26. Tamye Riggs says:

    Had the pleasure of seeing Jared in the flesh for a moment this morning… the lack of sleep is evident, but he is all smiles and more excited than the rest of us (hard to believe, I know!). Typophile will be back shortly… and it’s going to be well worth the wait.

  27. Thanks for the reminder Tiff…

    I just did and am feeling much better now.



  28. (F5) Refresh


    (F5) Refresh


    (F5) Refresh


  29. pablo honey says:

    i guess i’ll hafta celebrate my Cinco de Mayo with something besides Typophile. Hopefully it’ll be up and running tomorrow?

  30. franz says:

    “Ah. This is probably some strange usage of the word ‘imminent’ that I’m not aware of.”

  31. Miguel Hern�ndez says:

    Vamos typophile, te necesitamos pronto!

  32. Miss Tiffany says:

    We are all truly a motley crue…ahaha…I mean crew.

  33. Kyle Hildebrant says:

    So, are we a no go on this today?
    We are approaching 4’oclock, west caost time. :(

  34. Miss Tiffany says:

    Patience my young Obiwan

  35. James Gareth says:

    I think perhaps you mean Padwan, Miss Tiffany.


  36. franz says:

    Isn’t it padawan?

  37. Miss Tiffany says:

    Ah. Right. :^( Definitely showing my lack of Star Wars knowledge with that one. :^o

  38. Kyle Hildebrant says:

    Should I be insulted over this, or not?
    I’m confused (and anxious). Patience has
    never been a virtue of mine, so…

  39. Miss Tiffany says:

    No no. Please no insult intended. I think we’re all feeling a little punchy. You aren’t a grasshopper or a noob.

  40. franz says:

    I know what you’re going through, I was confused and anxious two hours ago. Now I’m just tired. It’s 1:20am and I decided not to go to bed until after the launch.

  41. pablo honey says:

    good thing i got The Apprentice to occupy my brain! :^P

  42. franz says:

    Oooh, that’s right, no spoilers please.. I’ll watch the rip tomorrow.

  43. Jared Benson says:

    Sorry for the delay! I had no idea this thread was spinning out of control.

    We’re squashing the last of the bugs, but there are still plenty more, as this is very much a beta release.

    We had hoped to launch for 12:00 noon; at this point we’re pushing almost 5 hours behind, but we _will_ launch today. Hang tight!

  44. franz says:

    Nice, thanks for the heads-up!

  45. Jared Benson says:

    For those who are waiting patiently by for the relaunch, I’ll go ahead and reveal some of the new features:

    1. New and improved Forums. See what threads are hot, track an individual users’ activity. Even sift out the crap. Search and sort to your heart’s content.

    2. Integrated Forums and TypoWiki. Reference a wiki node from anywhere within Typophile simply by wrapping the text in double brackets like this: [[typographica]].

    3. See Who’s Online: Not only can you see who’s logged in and how many guests are lurking, you can send and receive Instant Messages with any other logged in user!

    4. RSS: Now that Apple has announced their new OS with Typophile support, we can reveal that there are a number of RSS feeds you can subscribe to, based on your interests.

    5. Type News: The new Typophile News section aggregates type news from 17 other type sites, including Typographica, Veer, AtypI, Microsoft Typography and many others.

    6. Uppercase perks: All Uppercase members get their own blog, free. Eveyrone else can read along, and view the blog as one aggregated Uppercase blog or read by individual user.

    7. A new home page, which gives you the up-to-the-moment pulse on Typophile. You’ll see.

    All this and more. Stay tuned!

  46. Tamye Riggs says:

    View the goods now!!!!!

  47. franz says:

    Whooo, I can go to bed.

  48. Houston, we are go!

  49. Jared Benson says:

    It’s up!

    Oh, you know that already.

  50. Im getting access denied to everything??
    Anyone else have this problem?

  51. franz says:

    Same here.

  52. Troubleman says:


    All existing (old and new) accounts have been fully transferred to the new Typophile. For security reasons, all passwords have been reset. To have the system email you a new, temporary password click here.

  53. Troubleman says:

    Well, not “here”, but on Typophile.

  54. franz says:

    I did that, the trouble started when I logged in.

  55. franz says:

    I just sent a bug report to the address provided on the bottom of the page, but it bounced right back to me.

    (And Stephen, sorry for abusing your site for Typophile communication! ;) )

  56. Troubleman says:


    Do not use your “@typophile.com” e-mail address when requesting your new password. Use any other e-mail address that will lead to your inbox.

  57. pablo honey says:

    ditto with the bouncing email. i couldn’t even reset my password… more appologies, stephen.

  58. franz says:

    I am successfully signed in with my new password (which I have requested through a different address), the only thing I can do without getting the “Access denied” is view my own profile. It won’t even let me view the front page.

  59. Troubleman says:

    Hmmm. It looks like you’re buggered if you had your @typophile.com e-mail address defined in your User Profile. I’m getting reports the system won’t accept any other addresses if that’s the case. Let’s hope the Punchcut guys can chime in to tell us what’s what.

  60. Stephen, sorry for abusing your site for Typophile communication!

    Oh, don’t worry about me. What you should really fear is this!


    Still? I cant even view the forum if I am logged in. :(

  62. Aaron Sittig says:

    Looks like I’m buggered by the @typophile.com email problem. Any word on a fix? Also, emails sent to [email protected] are getting bounced. I quote:

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at as.typophile.com.
    I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
    This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.
    <[email protected]>

  63. Jared Benson says:

    Ugh, Sorry about this everyone! We’re typing like mad over here to fix these bugs. You just never know until you open the doors what’s going to happen.


  64. And the story ends. (or has it just begun?)

  65. Karen says:

    Just wanna say I love the new Typophile. And how does the Instant Messenger work?

  66. jlt says:

    it works by sending every message you write twice.

  67. jlt says:

    it works by sending every message you write twice.

  68. nick shinn says:

    Less than impressed.
    I’ll check back on it in a couple of months.
    In the meantime, a good opportunity to get some real work done.

  69. Troubleman says:

    It was either that or no Typophile for a couple of weeks. This is the lesser evil, and it looks like it’s going to shape up nice.

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