Underware Workshop: Manual Pixelism

Written by Typographica on February 21, 2005

Underware Workshop: LaussaneFor more than four years, the Underware gentlemen (designers of Bello and Auto, honored in our Fonts of 2004 article below) have been descending upon art schools across the globe and infecting students with their love of typography through wacky experimentation. Last month was no exception. Their workshop site showcases new video of type rendered beyond the page. See lettering made of books and shopping carts at the Lausanne Workshop in January.

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  1. bola says:

    This book type is really impressive. They made the letters with the books without even marking guidelines at the floor!

  2. Bas says:

    1) Be aware that the participants should get the credits, not us. We just try to stimulate, they do the job.

    2) Be aware that this monday another type workshop will start in Brussels, Belgium. title: Automotive. subject: car lettering. There are at least 6 beautiful cars waiting to be done. You are welcome to give a stimulating contribution now.

    If you’re around, join the secret Drive-Inn party on friday.

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