Written by Mark Simonson on May 23, 2005

Type cartoons created by ABC Darius of Lisbon, Portugal. (Also available in Portuguese, naturally.)

Mark Simonson of Saint Paul, Minnesota, is a former art director and graphic designer who now makes his living designing typefaces — several of which are Typographica selections.


  1. Joan M. Mas says:

    Amusing stuff. It reminds me of a book I recently received, illustrated by Milton Glaser.

    The title of the book in question is The Alphazeds, where the latin alphabet is the star of the show. Each character corresponds to an existing typeface, say Bodoni, Futura, etc.

    This book is available from approximately $14 in most online bookshops.

  2. bola says:

    This is a great blog.
    I’ve put it in my links since the first time I saw.

    Letters are really characteres with personality..

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