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Reviewed by Amy Papaelias on May 9, 2016

While Valentine’s Day elicits visions of roses, chocolate, and wine, I’m here think­ing about something else worth loving: Beloved, a monoline family comprised of a script and sans serif. Laura Worthington has created a sweet little universe with Beloved, in which food packaging looks effortlessly delicious, wedding invitations actually seem inviting, and book covers shade stories of passion and intrigue.

The dizzying variety of alternate characters makes it a very useful tool for branding and packaging designers. With no less than twenty-five variations on the ‘H’, your clients Harold & Hallie, Helen & Hanna, or Henry & Hector will have many options to make their personal mark. Need a lowercase tail that ends in a lovely tangle of curlicues or even a heart? Beloved has you covered. And while Beloved Script shines in both its casual elegance and natural rhythm, it should not overpower the potential of Beloved Sans. Again, Worthington provides us with many swash and alternate options for a single-case typeface. Access an instant jolt of art deco with Beloved Sans’ great set of titling alternates.

Of course, what’s the point of having all of these amaz­ing options if it’s impossible to use them? OpenType feature access is still shrouded in mystery for most users, but Worthington makes a notable effort in her user’s guide to demonstrate the possibilities. Let’s hope designers take advantage of everything Beloved has to offer. After all, there’s a lot here to love.

Amy Papaelias is a design educator and type nerd living in New York’s Hudson Valley. She has written most recently for Adobe Create, Visions magazine, and co-edited an issue of Visible Language. She helps keep the lights on at Alphabettes.org.

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