Reviewed by Typographica on October 7, 2009

Special thanks to Gestalten for sponsoring the Typographica nameplate for October, 2009 with Bonesana.

Gestalten is known for very contemporary designs — the modular and the post-mod — so this tribute to the 18th century is quite a departure. Designed by Matthieu Cortat of Switzerland, Bonesana was initially developed for the new edition of the book “On Crimes and Punishment” written by the Italian philosopher Cesare Bonesana in the late 1700s.

A family optimized for book text, there are oldstyle, lining, proportional, and tabular figures, small caps, and italics, but there is no bold. Still, with a subtle tone, an extended Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic character set, and a complement of beautiful open face caps, Bonesana is versatile enough to set elegant text and titles in a variety of contexts.

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