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CoFo Chimera

Reviewed by María Ramos on December 16, 2019

Professional experience helps us to be more efficient in our workflow and to take fewer risks when launching a product. We take a path we know is the safest strategy for business, even if it’s not the most interesting option for a creative mind.

By contrast, students tend to be free of bias and eager to experiment. Original ideas come from unexpected places at unexpected moments. It’s this circumstance of not knowing that makes the design process especially intriguing for people just starting their careers.

Maria Doreuli was able to take the fearless ideas she had as a student to a professional level. I believe the market needs more typefaces like CoFo Chimera — fewer rushed ideas, more confidence in execution.

Doreuli’s beautiful monster proves at least two things: first, that the design is timeless enough to stick around for a while without aging and, second, that having a huge type family is not a must.

Chimera is both a dream and a nightmare — a dream of a project for any type designer and a nightmare for those of us who were not able to come up with something like this earlier. Any further commentary would just be empty words next to the singular experience that is Chimera. Enjoy it!

After obtaining a degree in advertising, María Ramos worked as a graphic and editorial designer. In 2014, she decided to focus her career on type design; she holds an MATD from the University of Reading. She is one of the founders of NM type and a member of Alphabettes.

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