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Reviewed by Christian Palino on April 18, 2009

For 2007’s “best of” I picked Burgues Script — masterful, gorgeous, and digitally unparalleled. For 2008 I can’t help but be utterly in awe of Ale Paul’s talent and sheer obsessiveness as I choose Compendium.

Paul has explained that he moved back in time, before Louis Madarasz, to conjure up the spirit and style of Platt Rogers Spencer. What more to say? The work of a man largely responsible for shaping American penmanship plus the genius of Ale Paul equals a stunning new script. I can’t wait to see what Ale has in store next.

Christian Palino is a designer and educator living in San Francisco. He is currently a Product Design Manager at Facebook and teaches Interaction Design at CCA. He previously worked at OpenTable, IDEO and Adaptive Path.


  1. Compendium is at the top of my list too! Great typeface, nice alternates. Overall good job by Alejandro Paul.

  2. Ale Paul says:

    Thanks Christian for such a nice words!

  3. Adrián Flores Bermúdez says:

    Simplemente increíble, tuve el gusto de conocer tu trabajo en Veracruz el año pasado y desde entonces continúas sorprendiéndome gratamente, felicidades.

  4. Jup- says:

    Compendium una más de Ale Paul, realmente notable su manejo en el trazado de estas complejash formas tipograficas…

    saludos excelente espacio
    felicidades a Paul.

  5. A great looking font indeed, but doesn’t anyone else think it’s a tad bit difficult to read? None the less, a beauty.

  6. Otro gran trabajo… te felicito saludos

  7. Great font! Congratulations to Alejandro Paul and thanks to Christian.

  8. Noele says:

    impressive. the old world, the new world.

  9. Tipografo aficionado says:

    Si, inspirada 100%, diria copiada de Paragon Heading Script y otras.

    Fitteenth Book of Specimen, Cincinnati Type Foundry Pag 63 y 64

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