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Freight Big and Display

Reviewed by Dyana Weissman on July 11, 2007

Freight Big and Display are extensions to the Freight suite, selected by Dyana Weissman in 2005. That review appears below.

Just as I received Stephen’s invitation to write about our favorite fonts, I was iChatting with Josh Darden, who was just writing him to announce the expansion of his Freight family. So I think it’s only fitting that I comment on it. This family is insane. Not only because of the 100 styles, but also because of its charming little quirks. The tail of the ‘G’, the italic ‘i’s, the delicious ‘k’. While we move out of the era of the antiseptic sans-serifs, Freight offers refreshing anomalies that warm up the design. To sum it up in a few short sentences is impossible. It deserves thorough attention. You don’t need to know Josh personally to surmise that quite a bit of blood, sweat, and tears went into these fonts. And I’m sure they’ll preserve those bodily fluids of graphic designers who purchase Freight. Every piece of type you could possibly want is in this family. I told Josh, “get ready to get rich”. I also told him I expect 10% of his profits.

Dyana Weissman is the Director of Custom Type at Type Network. She has been a presenter at ATypI, TypeCon, and PromaxBDA. When not making fonts, she is hiking somewhere in the world and sharing her adventures.

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