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Reviewed by Lila Symons on May 9, 2016

Quimbly by Jessica McCarty of Magpie Paper Works is a multiple-weight font family that not only plays nice with others, but can stand strong by itself.

It was created in response to customers requesting a typeface they could use in conjunction with Jessica’s other calligraphic font offerings (Rivea, Dasha, and Ondise, to name a few).

What I really like about Quimbly is how effortlessly it fits in when used with other script typefaces, and how readable it is at small point sizes. Having three diff­erent weights to choose from is useful when you need a font to work in various design scenarios.

When it comes to fonts that mimic lettering or hand­writing, I often find myself wanting a second set of characters to help make the font look a little more natural. With Quimbly, a second alphabet seems excessive. Instead of making what could potentially be a bunch of extraneous OpenType features, Jessica focuses on making useful ones that include small caps, oldstyle figures, and alternative caps that don’t go to ridiculous places.

Quimbly is a great addition to your type library if you are looking for a readable display font that can hold its own and show restraint when necessary.

Lila Symons is a graduate of Type@Cooper and SCAD. When she is not making typefaces for Hallmark Cards or working as a freelance lettering artist, she enjoys drawing on eggs, visiting new places, and watching Mets baseball. She currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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