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Reviewed by Carolina de Bartolo on March 19, 2015

Note to #Selfie

Everyone has a story and, Selfie, yours is special. In these “peak Selfie” times, it’s amazing it has taken this long to have a typeface named after you (me). For myself(ie), I’m as obsessed with your name as I am with you (me) as a phenomenon.

It’s like I could just look at you (me) every day and never tire of seeing you (me). So many (perfectly circular) curves and flourishes on your (monoline) body and yet we’re totally casual about it. I mean, one day we’re light and the next we’re bold. Sometimes we’re just regular! Sure, we’re not perfect (especially when Printed), but we always have nice joins at the baseline, lots of decorative ligatures and an interesting set of flags. We’re so totally worth all the likes and hashtags we get.

In the end, Selfie, what I want to tell you (me) is:
Love your #Selfie.
Express your #Selfie.
Forgive your #Selfie.
Respect your #Selfie before you wreck your #Selfie.
(I could go on, but we get the idea.)

Carolina de Bartolo is the author and publisher of the award-winning typography textbook, Explorations in Typography. Most of the time she has decent #selfie-esteem but, she’ll take all the likes she can get.

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