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Vulf Sans

Reviewed by Thierry Blancpain on December 31, 2020

Oh oh oh oh oh
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh oh oh
Here we go

This is a true love story song


Now we’ve all got to be what we want to be
But that doesn’t seem quite so fun

He just had to see what it’s all about

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover

Business, let’s keep it casual
Let’s keep it fun for you and me, so you can see

Close your eyes

Watch your thoughts

Give us a new direction

Baby I don’t know
What I’m gonna do with you

Get inside and say “I feel”

But I’ll play cool
’Cause cool is what you have to do

Ha-ha, come on now, stop playing around

I’m not afraid

I know
That it’s taken me all this time to say girl
I’m slow
So it’s taken me all this time to say girl
Tip toe
And I want to acknowledge my mistake girl
Uh oh
And I hope that you know it’s not too late

[thirty seconds of silence]

What’s not to trust it’s just your family

Go get her

I said money money money money money money will be spent1

So easy



In my back pocket
And I’ll read it when I’m alone2


  1. Vulfpeck is an American music group. Vulf Mono is a custom typeface James Edmondson designed for them. Vulf Sans is the second typeface family to come to fruition from that collaboration, and is based on the aforementioned. It is available for licensing through James’ foundry, OH no Type Company.
  2. This review was entirely written with Vulfpeck lyrics. When I first met James in 2014, he said that he wanted his foundry to feel like skateboard companies in the ’80s and ’90s. Five years into OH no’s journey, I can confirm that his work indeed feels like a teenager shredding a high school campus’ handrails. His typefaces are always a little rebellious, with a touch that’s neither historical nor fully on trend — in a good way! Vulf Sans is no exception, and I wanted to highlight it here for how it successfully finds a unique spot between so many different design worlds.

Thierry Blancpain is a Swiss designer based in New York City. He's the cofounder of Grilli Type and design director of NYC-based design studio Informal Inquiry.

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